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Chained – The Seduction of Two Women (2016)

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Chained – The Seduction of Two Women (2016)

Kategori: Drama, Korea, Romance, Semi, Thriller

Release: 11 April 2017

Bintang: Jeong Hyang, Hong Sae-hee, Min Do-yoon

Deskripsi: This is a love story between Jin-kyeong who obsessively indulges in Min-ah's body and Min-ah who feels love and friendship at the same time. Jin-kyeong mentally and physically comforts Min-ah who is going through a hard time after her boyfriend disappears. Min-ah is relieved Jin-kyeong is there. One day Min-ah meets Yoon-jae, a student and is mesmerized by the fact that he looks and smells like her ex-boyfriend. Yoon-jae seduces Min-ah and harasses her. Jin-kyeong finds out and approaches Yoon-jae. What will be the result of their complicated love?

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