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Brothers (2016)

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PERINCIAN FILM6 months önce Ago
Brothers (2016)

Kategori: Drama

Release: 2016

Bintang: Dominic Chambers, Niels Hanrath, Theresa Renee

Deskripsi: Brothers’ is set in 1952 and tells a story of two brothers that accidentally run a woman over in the Great Smog. They come back home after taking their mother’s car without her permission and they have to decide if they want to confess and take responsibility for their action. Or hope that due to the thick fog no one had noticed them. Jack, the younger one, wants to confess and looks for help. While he experiences the whole range of emotions up to panic attacks, Harry, his older brother, acts cool and hides his real feelings. He tries to make sure his younger brother is not going to sell them out. They confront their points of view until mother’s arrival – then everything gets out of control.

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